Easy classification of ETIM via a handy tool and not via excel.



Dennis van den Pol


Easy classification of ETIM via a handy tool and not via excel.


The PIM classification module from Compano is always up-to-date thanks to a dynamic link with ETIM. Simply choose the class and fill in characteristics. Controlled publication with a press of a button to 2BA and Artikelbeheer.nl

Since 2016, Oventrop has been working intensively with Compano software. This originally German manufacturer of fittings, cooling and drinking water installations with two production sites in the Federal Republic had clear reasons for its choice in the Netherlands. Dennis van den Pol, sales manager at Oventrop Netherlands explains: "In 2013, we left our Dutch importer. We noticed the changes in the market offered more opportunities to go independently. I myself observed a growing need for product data. That is why I started to orientate myself on various issues surrounding that development:

  • What is product data?
  • What requirements should product data at Oventrop Netherlands meet?
  • What about supply and demand of product data?

I noticed a growing number of companies that kept up with their product data and a whole lot of customers and installers who ask for this type of data. We wanted to respond to this development."

Compano's PIM: user-friendly, easy and clear

Dennis had been given the task of setting up a sales organization and in 2013 he got the chance to get to see the inside organization of two companies, including that of Compano. At that time, many manufacturers were inclined to respond quickly with all kinds of well-intentioned Excel sheets to meet the product data needs of customers.

"This is very labor-intensive and one of the main reasons why we considered Compano. They had a good PIM solution because the software is, just to name a few reasons: user-friendly, easy, intuitive and quick in getting your data up to standard. I was looking for software where I can edit the product data as much as possible, and not only for 2ba or Artikelbeheer.nl.

In addition, the clear cost structure of Compano is a big advantage. We pay a monthly fee and that's it."

Enriching data is a mission

Oventrop makes everything from the boiler to the dispensing unit. Dennis: "We do not make any generators like central heating boilers, also no dispensing units such as radiators, but everything in between, including pipes, regulating valves, storage, buffer tanks, underfloor heating and radiator valves. With the Compano software we can manage the product data easily and we can now provide data to wholesalers quickly and efficiently." The Netherlands are far ahead in terms of data management. The effort it takes for Oventrop to deliver current product data to the market has become minimal. The enrichment of the data is still an intensive job, but that has almost become a mission for us. We have to have better data than other market parties, because that way we will be easier to find and use. It took a lot of time and energy to convince all internal stakeholders of this. Fortunately, Compano has helped us tremendously. They think along with us which is one of their strengths.

"The cooperation is very efficient. If needed, they will even do some work after working hours. I regard this as very positive."

Compano from the Netherlands to Germany?

With good ties to the parent company, Dennis explains that there are a lot of advantages for German colleagues in the way which the Dutch branch operates.

"In 2013, the requirement for data was fairly simple in Germany. Item, picture and a few features and that was it. Thanks to the intensive collaboration with Arge Neue Medien, this situation has changed considerably. This contributed to the fact that the collection of data at the Oventrop factory has been placed higher on the priority list."

Oventrop has been a member of Arge Neue Medien in Germany for some time, which operates a data pool for the SHK (Sanitär- Heizungs- und Klimaindustrie).

"In 2016, the decision was taken that Oventrop would also start working with ETIM in Germany. Georg Rump, the director of Oventrop and recently also chairman at Arge Neue Medien, joined in the view that all those ETIM specifications are already there, namely from Compano. It sounds almost too good for words, but with one push of a button those data have been transferred to Oventrop's German systems."

Europe at our feet

"In November of last year, the idea was conceived to not only pursue Dutch and German markets with Compano, but the European market as well. Compano software is already suitable for that. Rump predicts that a "Europeanisation" of the product data need is coming. That is why two employees have been made available to only specify data. At present, a quarter of our entire item set is specified to the maximum in ETIM."

"In Germany they have their own PIM system. What we do now is put standard data like item numbers in the PIM of Compano, and in there,  we add to the data with ETIM specifications. The great thing is that from there, we can spread the data to other systems in Europe."

Huge advantage

"The process of being aware of the importance of data has cost me the most energy. It wasn’t there in Germany, but it’s getting there gradually. We see this at board level and in the operation. Germany is now classifying which is a huge advantage to our Dutch sales organization. I see a bright future for Europe and the Netherlands."

"It almost sounds too good to be true, with the flick of a button
we transferred all the ETIM-specified data to the German systems"
- Dennis van den Pol, Salesmanager at Oventrop
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