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The PIM system can import or synchronise data from different data sources and in different formats (such as txt files, PDFs, images and Excel spreadsheets). Any changes to the source (ERP or image database) are pushed right away (real time) to your PIM system due to the links established with those sources.  In this way, data can be refreshed daily in the PIM system or, if desired, real-time connections can be created to other sources and systems. You choose the formats, the method and the frequency. And, your customer has YOUR latest and reliable data at all times.

Your own ERP system

Most companies have an ERP system. It is ideal for transactional purposes, such as creating offers, purchase orders and invoices as well as for bookkeeping activities.  However an ERP system does not provide the product data management capabilities that companies need in this day and age. 

By linking a PIM system to your ERP system, you create the capability to enrich data with additional attributes, such as images. The ERP system is the originating point  of the data: this is where items are created that can be enriched in the PIM and then further distributed for printing and to media.

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Digital files

Digital files, also called assets, strengthen your product’s image. These can be photos, logos, videos, user manuals or installation instructions. You can add all these media within the PIM system. High quality images for printing purposes are automatically reduced in size for digital use such as on the internet.

Files can be scanned into the PIM system either separately or as a batch. Is there already a good image database on hand? Your PIM system can link to that database as well.  Add a classification (user manual, drawing or photo) and use this structure for the website.

Solution for wholesalers and purchasing groups

A different system can also be used, whereby the PIM system is the originating system.  This is a particularly good solution for wholesalers and purchasing groups. Complete product lines from suppliers are scanned, along with their purchasing terms. This provides for an up-to-date purchasing product line (with net pricing) including easy price management.

The data is then passed from the PIM system to the website for example.  The ERP is then populated with only the data from the products that are actually in stock (core product line) or that have been purchased previously.  If you customer chooses an item that is not listed in the ERP, that item will then be created automatically in the ERP system.

Purchasing Group Inka: PIM item data serves as the master data for more than 20 ERP systems of its members.

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