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Compano was founded in 1998 by Henk Koops and Ria Stroes. They had plenty of experience in software development for a variety of sectors and in the installation sector in particular. The first employees soon joined the team who had already proven their worth with the previous employer (KPD Hoogeveen). During the first few years, the team mainly focused on developing custom applications and did a lot of work for KPD Hoogeveen.  

2001 first online steps

In 2001 the company decided to learn more about Online Software development. Compano began with the development for KPD Hoogeveen to build GA-Online. The GA software was then rebuilt as a fully browser-based application.

2003 acquisition of company divisions

KPD Hoogeveen was declared bankrupt and Compano acquired some of its divisions. Compano became the owner of Dos Software, GA Software and the Windows software InstallCalc. The staff at Compano already had years of experience with this software, both during their time at KPD Hoogeveen and while working for Compano.

During that time, the company changed from a project-oriented organisation to a product-oriented one.  The company started to work on continuously expanding the different existing modules instead of focusing on custom work. As a result, different enhancements were made. The company introduced modules for purchasing, ordering, mobile, human resources, projects and others.  

2006 acquisition of

In 2006 was acquired and rebuilt. The database technology implemented for quickly accessing large quantities of items (many millions of items) was revolutionary.

The organisation focused almost all of its efforts on the fittings sector and sold subscriptions and services, supplemented by Business Software for the fittings technician.

Compano also supplied Art-Select to partners. Those partners incorporated this search engine into their own company software, whereby their customers also benefited from easy item management and the access to millions of items.

2010 setting the standard

The company grew and began to seek more partnerships with other parties.

During this period, the standardisation of ETIM began to progress and the industry slowly began to show interest in finding ways to share information more simply and efficiently.

Compano has always supported the ETIM foundation and S@les in de Bouw (they were separate at that time; now they have merged under Ketenstandaard) and added expertise where possible.  

2015 new location

The company began to bring in more manufacturers as customers because they were looking for a solution that Compano was able to provide.  Sales for the PIM system are increasing. The system can be easily set up (online) and it works with your existing IT infrastructure.

Jurgen Immink took over the responsibilities from Ria Stroes in 2015 and has been leading the company together with Henk Koops since that time. They decided to change the company’s focus from a product-oriented approach to a more market-oriented approach.

They began to pay more attention to marketing and sales, and to providing information to customers, implementing software and conducting training from their new location in Arnhem. 

Compano vestiging Arnhem

Location Arnhem

2016 location Sneek moved

During the start Compano was stationed in a collective business building. Over time, more and more rooms were rented.

However, the building did not fit the ambitions of Compano and in October 2016 Comapano Sneek moved to a more spacious location in the beautiful city Sneek.

Compano vestiging Sneek

Location Sneek

Compano now

Compano has employees spread over two locations. It is an open organisation with a pragmatic, customer-focused approach. We have an informal working environment where we work with customers, suppliers and each other in a respectful manner.

Our passion is to combine product information and the fittings sector, and to link that data to internet software technologies.

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