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Compano PIM publication Belgium data pool a fact!

At the start of this summer, our customers VSH, Rofix NV and Fernox Alpha Metals Belgium NV have successfully published their product data, with ETIM features, in Belgium on the data pool of FESAH: This brand-new database for product and trade data was launched in April 2018. InstallData was founded by FESAH, the Belgian professional federation of the sanitary and heating wholesaler.

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News Rofix publiceert bij Belgische datapool

Cooperation Compano and ITEK

Compano and the German software supplier ITEK have agreed upon a partnership to exchange product master data. The advantage of this cooperation is that master data can be tested against a guideline before actual use. Only when the data meets the quality standard, the data will be used by all participating parties. Both companies ITEK and Compano make sure the data is being checked, as well as the mutual distribution to the users (wholesalers). This efficient and effective way of working ensures lower costs and a higher data quality in the distribution channel and has already been succesfully implemented in a joint European project.

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PIM data directly in Belgian datapool

At the end of 2016 the FESAH (FEderation SAnitair and Heating) is founded by a great number of Belgian wholesalers. FESAH will defend the common interests of wholesalers active in the sector plumbing and heating techniques. This sector represents an economic value of € 2,1 billion of revenue in Belgium.

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New brochure from ETIM international

Still not sure if ETIM is something for you? Just check the latest brochure of ETIM international.

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Compano PIM-software kick starts German transformation Oventrop

Since 2016 the Dutch division of Oventrop—a leading European manufacturer of valves and controls for cooling, drinking water and central heating—has been working intensively with Compano software to manage its product data. Oventrop had clear motives for making this choice, as Dennis van den Pol, sales manager at Oventrop Netherlands explains: ‘In 2013 we left our former importer, because of developments in the market. We saw better opportunities for us to operate on our own. We detected a growing need for product data. This was also the reason I considered several issues concerning these developments:

  • What is product data used for?
  • What would be the requirements for product data at Oventrop Netherlands?
  • What is the cycle of supply and demand in product data?

I noticed that a growing number of companies was frequently updating their product data and I saw a whole slew of customers and engineers asking for this kind of data. So, we wanted to respond to this development.’

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"ETIM is the basis; however we are capable of
offering BMEcat or customer-specific formats"
- Berthold Velthuis, Opple Lighting
Opple Berthold Velthuis PIM
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