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In a number of cases, a customer desires an overview on paper. Sometimes this is a relatively simple product sheet, a somewhat more extensive pricelist or a complex catalog. Using the latest feed technology, you can as easily produce a simple product sheet, or deliver your product catalog information to a data publishing company.


Simple product overviews can be generated by the PIM system. In case you choose different layouts, it is smarter to use Adobe InDesign. This makes the layout options virtually endless.

Through a smart link you export data from the PIM system to InDesign. This means that product data, but also the structure (chapters) come from the PIM, and that all post-processing takes place in InDesign. Working from a single source file while using the maximum design freedom of InDesign.

The layout within InDesign (atmosphere, typeface, corporate identity) are activities that should belong to a DTP or marketing agency. We are more than happy to leave this to the specialist in this area as Compano is a PIM specialist and not a design agency. Compano PIM delivers the product data which can be used by the agency easily. Do you not have a desk yet? Then we can recommend some of our relations.

Product sheet

Create a product sheet with an image, a technical drawing and a number of commercial advantages at a glance? Often a product sheet has the same layout but changes the content per product. In this case, create a template, select the product and print it to paper or create a PDF file for further distribution.

  • For repetitive products in the same layout
  • Easily switch between language or country assortment
  • Create one or a series of product sheets

Price list

Customers find all information on your website. Images, tables, product comparisons and technical details: everything is shown. However, a customer may simply want to see an overview of your products, neatly grouped by category with current prices. Generate a pricelist based on the database: create a template once it will be updated fully automatically.

  • Simple price lists
  • Clearly display large quantities of products
  • Current article and pricing information
Eenvoudig vanuit Compano PIM een prijslijst genereren
Compano calculatie en offerte module

Calculation and quote

Do you want to create a calculation for different homes with different fittings? Do you also want to include (standard) hours? How about gross price minus terms or purchase price plus a mark-up? You have come to the right place for smart calculation capabilities. 

Would you rather issue a simple offer? Simply select the products from your product line or use previous offers or product mixes (recipes). 

A PIM system with calculation and quote capabilities is unique. It gives you more than 20 years of experience online.

"Always up-to-date with dynamic ETIM classification
simply press a button to publish"
- Gerben Verweij, Viega Nederland BV
Gerben Viega PIM Compano
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