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Single source of truth 

Products are being sold by a growing number of different online and offline sales channels. Increasingly, the digital product is just as important as the tangible, physical product. That is why the reliable management and keeping up-to-date of all information about these products is of crucial importance to you. Your product information must be accurate, detailed, up-to-date and consistent on every channel and on every media at any time.

The Compano Product Information Management (PIM) system helps many customers to manage their product information in a professional and distinctive way. Good quality data is the key to smooth operation of your organization, as correct data ensures that processes run more efficiently and effectively.

Excellent data has the following benefits:

  • Always accurate and reliable product information
  • Consistency in all sales channels
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Better informed and thus satisfied customers
  • Higher turnover


Products are made by a manufacturer. Existing data about these products are extracted from ERP, PLC or other (media) systems and are intelligently linked to the Compano PIM system.  This data, which you create yourself, is the source of your sales process.


Data management with PIM from Compano means that you will continually check, improve, enrich and classify your data, based on the internationally approved ETIM standard.

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With one mouse click, you can immediately publish your current product data from PIM to data pools such as, 2BA or (foreign) variants such as, Arge Neue Medien and others. Easily share data with websites and web shops or print solutions such as Adobe InDesign. You also have the option to connect directly to customers via Compano’s customer portal or link your data directly to existing BIM software.
Thus, excellent communication about your products has never been easier.

In short: PIM from Compano is your single source of truth.

100% cloud

  • Fully online. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Works with all common browsers
  • Always up-to-date and reliable
  • Includes back up and hosting
  • Software as a Service, no installation or implementation required
  • Subscription monthly adjustable and cancellable
  • No investment in other hardware and software
  • Multi-language user interface (standard Dutch, English, German, French and Portuguese)

Easy classification

  • Classification that conform to ETIM and EMCS (Stabiplan)
  • Always the latest ETIM-version (dynamic classification)
  • Integrated calculation- and drawing data (BIM)
  • Capability to create your own classes and attributes
  • Quick sorting in Excel or mass manipulation
  • Sorting by groups using a strong selection filter
  • Easy quality control
  • Progress of sorting is visualized
  • Clear reporting

Flexible & complete

  • Various screen lay-outs with field-conversions
  • Create quick and easy own lay-outs
  • Connect systems through web-services or FTP
  • Import- and export from Excel and back, CSV, fixed length text
  • Supporting industry standards PAB, Pricat, BMEcat, Datanorm and INSBOU
  • Easy connect with Autodesk from Cadac
  • Export in PLS format to Stabiplan (Mepcontent)

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This content is only loaded once you have agreed with our cookie policy by continuing to surf our site.

ETIM has created clear animations (in English) to clarify the purpose and necessity of standardisation and classification.

Would you like more information about the ETIM-MC (calculation & design) project? Watch the above animated instructions for a general overview right away!

"The German company Viega encountered limitations with
its product data in the Netherlands. That has been resolved now"
- Gerben Verweij, Viega Nederland B.V.
Gerben Viega PIM Compano
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