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This is why it all began in the first place: sharing information with customers. A single PIM system is used for managing all data and there are a variety of options available for sharing that data. Compano believes in “best of breed”. This means that our software likes to work with the best software programs in the world, with other people like us who are experts in their field.

It can be the person who built your website who works with Drupal or Magento. It may be your own DTP department that reads and writes with InDesign. Perhaps you have Navision, M3 or SAP as your ERP system. Maybe you forward information to Revit design software. The choice is yours, but we make sure that it is easy to share the information that is already present.  Take pride in your products, share your information and multiply your sales.

Various publications, one single source

Data is dynamic and changes almost daily. In addition, the publication options change as well. Traditional price lists or glossy catalogues certainly still have their value.  Creating those materials requires many skills that you have in-house or perhaps have outsourced to your advertising agency. And who creates your website and keeps it up-to-date?

No matter what you do, whatever you are working with, you can easily read in your product data with your various publications. The choice is yours. Choose the best and we will support your choice.

  • Best of breed: determine your partners yourself
  • Provide rich product data in a structured manner for print and digital media
  • Link or export
  • Trough web-services, (XML, JSON), FTP or other protocols.


The PIM system can generate simple pricelists. If you opt for different layouts, you are better off using Adobe InDesign. The possibilities are practically endless.

You can set up a smart link so that you can easily scan your data from the PIM system into InDesign. This means that product data as well as the structure (sections) come from the PIM, but that all finishing takes place in InDesign. Work from a single source while taking maximum advantage of the design capabilities of InDesign.

Multi-language product database in Opple

Website and web shop

Do you have an excellent website but insufficient product information? The PIM system forwards product data to your website, app or web shop. Your website’s content management (such as Magento or Drupal) often comes with features to make product data accessible.

You can easily use selection options (filters) or compare products.  The site is managed through the CMS, but all your product data comes from your PIM system, in different languages, and for different product lines if desired.


Design software like Revit requires a lot of information. It is not only important to specify sizing, but also the so-called model is important. A model visualizes what the product looks like. The geometrical and engineering data complete it.

Compano has been the first software supplier within Europa who offers all ETIM MC models in its PIM system. By linking products to models, you can provide source data to different Revit suppliers from a single database. Read the VSH story here.

ETIM MC is designed as an extension to the ‘core’ ETIM product classification model with parameters to generate generic 3D objects (geometry) and data for engineering purposes. MC is short for Modelling Class. Read more about ETIM standards in Compano PIM here.


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ERP koppelingen Compano software


If you use the PIM system as the basis for a product line, a link must be created between the PIM system and your ERP system. In other words, you are setting your sales product line in the PIM system.

You directly establish specific business information in addition to the product information such as prices, product availability and delivery times. This information is not only forwarded to printed and digital media, but also to your ERP system.

Data pools

Data can be published to or 2ba  from the PIM system at the touch of a button. Data can also be published to well-known data pools such as Arge Neue Medien or Dataselect IGH.

Do you prefer a customer-specific format? We can generate specific exports per customer or target group with the export templates feature. Would you rather use standards such as PAB, BMEcat or INSBOU? This is also an option. 

Met één druk op de knop kan vanuit Compano PIM eenvoudig productdata naar verschillende datapools gepubliceerd worden: bijvoorbeeld, 2BA, Arge Neue Medien, InstallData,, MEPcontent.
"ETIM is the basis; however we are capable of
offering BMEcat or customer-specific formats"
- Berthold Velthuis, Opple Lighting
Opple Berthold Velthuis PIM
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