How can VSH manage data centrally and share internationally with websites, data pools, Apps and directly in Revit (BIM)?



Caspar van Zoelen


How can VSH manage data centrally and share internationally with websites, data pools, Apps and directly in Revit (BIM)?


The fundamentals of the Compano PIM system are the so-called VSH custom user defined fields. By relating these smartly to ETIM fields, it is immediately multilingual. This data is then passed on to various public platforms.

The over eighty-year-old VSH has been moving for the last few decades, internationally as well, into four major segments: building installations, fire protection, industry and shipping. With this, ease of installation, security and top quality always come first.

Caspar van Zoelen, head of Product Management: ’It is only logical that we excel in these four segments. After all, piping systems play an important role in each of these segments.

Compano innovative partner of VSH

‘Innovation is essential in our industry. We see Compano as one of our important partners when we talk about making our product information available to our customers. Here’s how it works: We have over 8.000 items which are constantly subject to change. All those items and improvements are managed  via the Product Information System (PIM) of Compano. The cooperation of many years has been considerably intensified in the last couple of years. Every VSH customer has, due to the PIM system of Compano, the most current data available. We rely on this one central database, which has been justified multiple times. We have met regularly with Compano in which it showed that they are thinking along with us:  we ask more than the compliance with specifications and frameworks for laws and regulations, we want to communicate everything to our customers as optimally as possible. That is what Compano is doing well. '

From PIM to plugin for our BIM models

‘With the help of the PIM system of Compano, we are able to properly manage our data. With have found in this the perfect means to communicate item data outwards.  We find the PIM concept of Compano successful. With that, we are headed in the right direction with our business. Take a look at the plug-in that we have for our BIM models, these are generated 1: 1 with the data from Compano, just like the product data on our website or in the VSH app. We make our data available to all interested parties via the Compano PIM.

‘Why did we choose Compano? For us, they are the specialist in the field of product database management. They communicate with us and are constantly looking for solutions, also when it comes to making data available for new innovative solutions.’

"We have full confidence in this centralised database,
and our trust has been justified several times"
- Caspar van Zoelen, VSH
Caspar van Zoelen VSH PIM
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