Supporting customers by providing perfect data and receiving orders via EDI in ERP (SAP).



Danny Borneman


Supporting customers by providing perfect data and receiving orders via EDI in ERP (SAP).


Through a combination of PIM, and Art-Select (EDI), customers have 100% current article data at their disposal, they are able to filter on ETIM characteristics and orders for Hilti can be entered directly from their ERP system. Compano will provide the translation of the various standards (INSBOU, ICF, IDocs).

Hilti is a worldwide market leader as a supplier for the construction industry. The family business, with now over 23,000 employees in 120 countries, designs and produces advanced devices, software and services for the professional construction industry. In their own Hilti stores and via Hilti Online, Hilti sells their products directly to the end-user. The exchange of accurate product and item information is essential. Danny Borneman, Product Manager Online and E-Business at Hilti Netherlands, explains: "We were looking for a solution to make it easier for customers to order directly at Hilti and found it at Compano.

Hilti is a large company where, due to several processes, a lot of information is produced. To process all of this information, we use SAP. While it was possible to communicate information from SAP to our customers, we needed to reprogram for every automated connection, which is a time and money consuming process. Now, thanks to Compano, we have one solution that provides the connection between all systems. Customers benefit from this because they choose and order our products via Art-Select in their own ERP software. Art-Connect then ensures that the orders are converted to a format that our SAP system can read. These automated connections are so simple that we can practically connect a new customer within 10 minutes.”

Another advantage for Hilti is that the Compano PIM system makes the SAP product data suitable for the international ETIM standard. Hilti works globally with a single database in which all product data are classified according to the German BMEcat standard. This data is therefore not suitable for, for example, the Dutch market. With the use of Compano's PIM software, Hilti can now provide international standardized data much more easily for, among others, and 2BA. Borneman: "The Compano system offers us the advantage that we can export to multiple classification formats. We also see great possibilities for Building Information Modeling. We are still taking inventory, but BIM-Select from Compano would enable us to also process article data directly into digital construction projects.

The simplicity of the software solution and the fast implementation method were essential in why we chose Compano, but also the improvement of customer satisfaction was an important factor. “Hilti wants to unburden its customers. Compano’s software not only makes it easy for our customers to place their orders, but we are now working together on a universal solution for invoicing via XML. The ordering process is then fully automated, which makes it a lot more efficient for us and for our customers. The ease with which we can expand our service thanks to Compano ensures that we are very satisfied with our choice, " Borneman explains. "Hilti believes in an unique approach in which product innovation, quality and attention to the customer come first. I think the software solution of Compano contributes to our business philosophy."

Compano Online Software

Compano's online software has been helping many customers for years to manage, publish and share product data in a professional and distinctive way, with the following advantages:

  • Continuous current product data
  • Uniform data on all sales channels
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Easy to connect with various ERP systems
  • Well-informed and therefore satisfied customers
  • Easy ordering via Art-Select and Art-Connect
  • More sales

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Hilti Netherlands:

"Compano offers us a decisive advantage in exporting
our data to several classification formats”
- Danny Borneman, Hilti
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