Deliver product data in accordance with the latest Dutch market ETIM version to and 2BA.



Gerben Verweij


Deliver product data in accordance with the latest Dutch market ETIM version to and 2BA.


Viega directly links its ERP system with technical characteristics to the PIM system. Due to a smart mapping, the data is sent to ETIM and published to the data pools at the touch of a button.

Family tradition with a future

Viega is a family business in the best sense of the word. What started more than 115 years ago with a firm belief in a good idea and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, developed further and further. With the constant expansion of the core company, the installation technique, the company grew constantly.

The traditional family business has now become a multinational. Viega installation technology is currently being produced and used internationally at nine locations. The success as a market leader in press technology is mainly due to the more than 3800 employees worldwide, who are committed to the common cause with great commitment and unparalleled enthusiasm.

Viega is very active in the Netherlands. Gerben Verweij, Manager Projects at Viega Nederland BV: "For the Dutch market, Viega ran into limitations with product data. We do have all the data in our German systems, but this is not in accordance with the ETIM structure that is required in the Netherlands. We wanted a software solution for our problem: how can we easily make our data suitable for the Dutch market as quickly and simply as possible. We also wanted that in the event of future changes to the item set, the changes from our ERP would be passed on directly to the tool. "

Viega opted for Compano's online Product Information Management (PIM) system. The files are now being read from the international system and further supplemented within the software. With the Dynamic classification, the system is always up-to-date: changes implemented by ETIM are integrated into the PIM immediately after publication. Viega can easily keep its data up-to-date this way. Gerben Verweij: "With Compano's PIM system, up-to-date data is published at and 2BA with just one push of a button”.

"The German company Viega encountered limitations with
its product data in the Netherlands. That has been resolved now"
- Gerben Verweij, Viega Nederland B.V.
Gerben Viega PIM Compano
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