To publish Revit data to modellers around the world directly.



Arjan Calis


To publish Revit data to modellers around the world directly.


From Compano PIM, parametric data is transmitted to Cadac. This data will be, linked to a model, globally made available to Revit modellers via CLAB.

We are seeing a growing demand for BIM across Europe. To share existing product data with CAD software like Cadac we have entered into a partnership with Compano ", says Arjan Calis, Wilo SE. "We hereby link to ETIM MC if possible, or create fields ourselves if necessary. As a result, each country will soon have its own item set in its own language in Revit / cadac ".

Wilo SE: perfect data for European BIM software

Wilo was founded in 1872 in Dortmund (Germany) as a copper and bronze factory. Today, WILO SE is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air conditioning as well as water supply and waste water drainage. Turnover amounted to 1.2 billion euros in 2013.

Always in motion, that is what characterizes Wilo. They have more than 7,500 employees in more than 60 subsidiaries around the world. Together they make intelligent solutions with their visionary ideas, which set the norm in the industry. It is important that people always come first with every solution. With leadership and a great sense of market needs, Wilo develops innovative quality products that make life easier and more efficient.

International BIM and the flexibility of PIM

"And with 60 subsidiaries there is always plenty to do internationally," says Arjan Calis, Head of Business Development and Market Manager Commercial HVAC at Wilo SE. "From my point of view, I look at many countries. We’ve known for a while that BIM is an international trend, but how we could organize this smartly for all countries was still the question. We have a lot of product data at Wilo, but that doesn’t mean we have regulated the BIM data internationally. We were already cooperating with Cadac for the Revit models and started working with Compano to be able to organize the management. Compano can offer flexibility in the field of PIM and data distribution that others cannot deliver. In addition, they offer multiple standards if the market requires this. "

PIM with ETIM MC and user defined fields

Wilo has chosen to use the Compano PIM system worldwide. Simply put, Wilo product data is imported into the PIM system. There, a perfect link is made with ETIM RT. Because Compano software is 100% online, the new ETIM MC models are already in the system. This information, possibly supplemented with missing fields because ETIM does not cover everything (yet), is passed on directly to Cadac.

CLAB button in Autodesk Revit

Cadac ensures that this data is offered to Revit users via a so-called Content Library Access Button (CLAB). This button is installed as a Revit plugin in Autodesk Revit and makes it possible to select specific Wilo BIM content directly from a Central Product Library (in accordance with the concept "Uniform Objects Library"). The content consists of Revit Families from Wilo products that are supplemented with Wilo product information, which in turn is made accessible via a direct web service to the ETIM database of Compano (

"It is great for us that we only enter the data once in the Compano PIM system. From there, for example, we offer an item set for France in the French language. In China, we will most likely load local pumps directly into the PIM system and we will unlock them via the CLAB button. For the Netherlands, we fill the well-known data pools such as and we will also distribute data to, for example, Turkey. This can be done directly from the PIM system and via the Cadac CLAB button. "Compano combines professionalism, industry knowledge and pragmatism for us." Arjan Calis says with satisfaction.

"Compano brings together professionalism,
industry knowledge and a pragmatic approach"
- Arjan Calis, Wilo SE
Arjan Calis Wilo PIM
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