Opple Berthold Velthuis PIM

To be the benchmark for Opple product data in LED lighting.

OPPLE Lighting


Berthold Velthuis


To be the benchmark for Opple product data in LED lighting.


The international PIM version is the central source for all product data. In addition to national and international standards, customer-specific exports are made and PIM is the basis for the multilingual Opple websites.

Opple Lighting is the leading premium brand in China, which is expanding rapidly in more than 50 countries worldwide. Opple has a strong focus on innovation with more than 200 patents annually. From Eindhoven, Opple, with Compano as a PIM System for different countries and languages, conquers Europe.

"Our products have an excellent price / quality ratio and with our extensive experience in LED technology there is plenty of room for us to grow", says Berthold Velthuis, Head of Marketing Europe. With his extensive experience in this sector, Berthold knows what he is talking about. "A great challenge, I have been working in this industry for more than 20 years and the international playground has always been my area".

OPPLE is well on its way to establishing a name in Europe and is currently experiencing enormous growth. To acquire a position with customers, everything has to be right: both the product and the service. Which is not only delivery on time due to good logistics, but also due to excellent data. Data management is the responsibility of Berthold. "It's nice to hear from customers that we are very accurate and customer-oriented and often referred to as a benchmark," says Berthold with a wink.

"With the Compano software, we can easily manage our data. Not only do we publish in the Netherlands in accordance with ETIM, but we also make specific exports in other languages and formats for customers in Europe. ETIM is the foundation, but we are able to offer BMEcat or customer specific structures. This, of course, also contributes to the international success of OPPLE”.

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"ETIM is the basis; however we are capable of
offering BMEcat or customer-specific formats"
- Berthold Velthuis, Opple Lighting
Opple Berthold Velthuis PIM
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