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Carlo Schmitz, Head of Marketing - Opple Lighting Europe


An efficient solution to make (ETIM-based) productdata directly available on our website.


''Compano PIM is the single-source for all productdata in our EU markets. It is also the source of productdata and attachments shown on our website. This offers our customers, installers and commercial organisation the fasted way to access relevant information about our products when ever they need it.''

"Compano has helped us in creating a centralized system where we can store and maintain all our product and article data. We are aware that our product data is of crucial importance to our operation and our customers, as correct and available data can accelerate project success and turn into business value'', says Carlo Schmitz, Head of Marketing Opple Lighting Europe.

''We use the (ETIM-based) Compano software for product datamanagement and exports for all our international partners within the EU. As next to INSBOU and SALES also BMECat is widely used, Compano offers these and other ways of exporting data, which enables us to work with customers in the exact way they prefer", says Carlo.

"Our Compano PIM is also used as the product data input source for the OPPLE website. We also use it to create and update customer pricelists and to generate product documents. This way, our Sales representatives, the Customer Service department and the Marketing department can make sure that our customers have our data readily available when they need it.  Also for our installer customers this createst the fasted way to access data about our product when he is for example working on a project and needs information about a certain product immediately."

"One of the big advantages is the fact that Compano support employees and consultants take into consideration our specific business case, so the service is not a one-off program but can be adjusted in the exact way we want it as a company. Compano has, from a product data point of view, become an integral part of our organisation."

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‘’Compano has, from a productdata point of view,
become an integral part of our organisation.’’
Carlo Schmitz, Head of Marketing - Opple Lighting Europe
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