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Product data management can be divided into a number of sub-processes that are explained here below. Efficient and effective product data management is achieved by completing these processes in a controlled manner.  This is done with one single purpose in mind: excellent information for your customers. You give your customers the choice of where and when they want to pick up the information.  Everything comes from one place. Finally, a single source of truth.


The data enters the PIM system from different sources. Smart reports have been defined to properly support this process and they provide insight into your activities. For instance, these reports show the difference between the current item description and the new item description, or between the current price and the future gross price.

  • These are simple reports that enable you to audit large amounts of data changes
  • Focus on changes
  • Display in Excel for analyses


Do you still have item descriptions that no one understands? Are some items priced per meter while others are priced per roll? Is it clear to everyone that the minimum order quantity is 5 pcs?  Ensure that data is clear, consistent and complete. Turn data into information.

  • Make your information complete and consistent
  • The best information results in satisfied customers
  • Save time with fewer customer questions


Search for customers based on attributes.  What are the technical qualities of the product? What can it do, where can I use it? Give your customers the best possible search experience by attaching attributes to your products.  The Compano PIM system comes standard with integrated dynamic ETIM.

ETIM stands for European Technical Information Model. With this model the same types of products (e.g. a boiler) are provided with the same attributes (supplies, benefits). The advantage for manufacturers is that they do not have to think about which attributes are necessary in a particular sector: the standard has already been set.

Always up-to-date. Always complete.

Met één druk op de knop kan vanuit Compano PIM geclassificeerde ETIM productdata naar verschillende datapools gepubliceerd worden: bijvoorbeeld, 2BA, Arge Neue Medien, InstallData,, MEPcontent, BMECat.

Dynamic ETIM RT:

Always up-to-date

  • Standard with ETIM calculation and design
  • Weekly automatic updates of ETIM model
  • Includes fields for energy labels
  • Excellent basis for further expansion to other countries and languages

More than ETIM:

BIM proof

  • Cadac link: your data directly linked to the Cadac model
  • MEPContent: Export Stabiplan PLS data for easy product data management
  • Create your own classifications or attributes for different capacities
  • Endless options for publishing to websites, web shops, apps and catalogues


Quick & simple

  • Attach attributes to each product
  • A product series? Use the “manipulation” function. Select a few products, choose the attributes that are the same for both (e.g. material, colour) and select “Manipulate”
  • Do you prefer Excel? Use the built-in Excel component
Compano software export mogelijkheden PIM

Data enrichment

The right images and documents with the right product? In today’s multichannel world it is essential to show additional information. Easily add media to a product. Do you have a group of products with the same picture? Use the smart filter in combination with the PIM system’s manipulation capabilities to link many products to the same picture at the click of a mouse.  You can also link information to items based on country or language.

  • Add unlimited media
  • Choose pictures, drawings, user manuals, installation guides or instruction videos


Product lines are often divided into sub groups. Examples include heating and air-conditioning, or drinking water and waste water. The structuring option allows you to separate a  large product line into sub groups.  You can specify which attributes must be published for each (sub) selection.

You can also specify how the products should be classified here. Create a single structure for all your different publications (internet, apps, catalogue and web shops) or create a separate structure for each publication.

  • Add structure before publishing
  • Use a single structure for different publications
  • Add a group-level picture and simplify management

Multi assortments

Everything is multi: multinational, multi-language and multichannel. Multi is no problem for Compano’s PIM system. Different assortments make it possible to create a range of products per target group (consumers or professionals), per country, per language or per brand.

Profit from the fact that product information (such as attributes) that has already been entered once, will be available for a whole range of products. You can assign them easily in one time to a group of products through inheriting. Thanks to smart transfer rules you can apply different pricing or discount groups per group of products.


The Compano PIM user interface is available in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

Besides user interface language, technical and other values used within the PIM system have been translated into more than 20 different languages. Together with the translation of ETIM fields into 17 languages, this makes Compano’s PIM system truly international.

Thirdly, Compano’s PIM allows you to maintain translations of product and item descriptions in as many languages as you need.  Thus, we can verily say: "With Compano PIM, your data knows no borders."

Purchasing and sales terms

Record purchasing terms at the group level or with net pricing. Import millions of items and establish net purchase prices directly.

Add customer-specific sales terms. After identification, display the net price for the customer. 

“Great: you only enter the data once in the PIM system.
Publish it in data pools and BIM software in Europe and later in China!"
- Arjan Calis, Wilo SE
Arjan Calis Wilo PIM
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