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  • Specialist in construction and installation sector: we know your trade
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Comprehensive system for manufacturers and the wholesale industry

Products are sold via an increasing number of different online and offline sales channels.  Managing all that product information (data management) is of vital importance. Information must be accurate, up-to-date and consistent in every channel and in every media.

The Company Product Information Management (PIM) system helps many customers to professionally manage their product data in different ways for many years.

Use the PIM Software and enjoy the benefits!

  • Consistency throughout all sales channels
  • Satisfied customers and higher revenues
  • Efficient and effective data management
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Compano believes in “Best of breed”. In the past you have opted for robust software solutions that are best in class in what they do.  Our software is open to ERP packages, such as M3, SAP and Navision.

We integrate our software with Adobe InDesign or Google software and connect to the SQL or IBM platforms without any problem. Our software has an open architecture so that communications can run through web services, FTP or other protocols.

Compano PIM-software kick starts German transformation Oventrop

Since 2016 the Dutch division of Oventrop—a leading European manufacturer of valves and controls for cooling, drinking water and central heating—has been working intensively with Compano software to manage its product data. Oventrop had clear motives for making this choice, as Dennis van den Pol, sales manager at Oventrop Netherlands explains: ‘In 2013 we left our former importer, because of developments in the market. We saw better opportunities for us to operate on our own. We detected a growing need for product data. This was also the reason I considered several issues concerning these developments:

  • What is product data used for?
  • What would be the requirements for product data at Oventrop Netherlands?
  • What is the cycle of supply and demand in product data?

I noticed that a growing number of companies was frequently updating their product data and I saw a whole slew of customers and engineers asking for this kind of data. So, we wanted to respond to this development.’

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Solution for your processes

Compano has assisted with the developments in ETIM RT. This is why we are the first company to support this dynamic protocol as a standard feature in our software.

Do you prefer to work with PAB2.03, BMECat 2005, Insbou004 or Datanorm? You can still contact us for trouble-free exports to Dutch data pools, such as, 2BA, the German ArgeNeueMedien or the Swiss IGH. Do you want your BIM data to go directly to (Revit or Autodesk) Cadac or Stabiplan? We can arrange that for you. We have extensive experience in this area.

"Compano offers us a decisive advantage in exporting
our data to several classification formats.”
- Danny Borneman, Hilti
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