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Create the optimal digital product

A Product Information Management (PIM) system is the complete solution for manufacturers in the construction and installation sector: create, manage and communicate product data as you see fit.

Today, products are sold through a growing number of different online and offline sales channels. Managing all this product information (data management) is therefore crucial. Information should be accurate, detailed, up-to-date and consistent in every channel and medium.

Compano's Product Information Management (PIM) system has helped many manufacturers over the years to create, manage and communicate product data in a professional and distinctive manner.

Advantages of Compano’s Product Information Management are:

  • Unambiguous and consistent information across all sales channels
  • Well-informed and therefore satisfied customers, resulting in a higher turnover
  • From beautiful physical product to the best digital product.
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OPEN source

Compano believes in a "best of breed" approach to software. Compano PIM can effectively strengthen your in-company IT solution by integrating with such ERP software as M3, SAP and Navision.

Compano PIM also seamlessly integrates with Adobe Indesign or Google software and connects to SQL or IBM platforms. Our software uses an open architecture through which communication can take place via, for example, web services (XML, JSON), FTP or other protocols.

Compano is official partner of Ketenstandaard (previously ETIM and S@les in de Bouw)

Compano PIM publication Belgium data pool a fact!

At the start of this summer, our customers VSH, Rofix NV and Fernox Alpha Metals Belgium NV have successfully published their product data, with ETIM features, in Belgium on the data pool of FESAH: This brand-new database for product and trade data was launched in April 2018. InstallData was founded by FESAH, the Belgian professional federation of the sanitary and heating wholesaler.

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Cooperation Compano and ITEK

Compano and the German software supplier ITEK have agreed upon a partnership to exchange product master data. The advantage of this cooperation is that master data can be tested against a guideline before actual use. Only when the data meets the quality standard, the data will be used by all participating parties. Both companies ITEK and Compano make sure the data is being checked, as well as the mutual distribution to the users (wholesalers). This efficient and effective way of working ensures lower costs and a higher data quality in the distribution channel and has already been succesfully implemented in a joint European project.

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Solution for your processes

Compano has played a major role in the development of ETIM MC (Modelling Classes for a 3-D uniform object library). This is why we are the first company to support this dynamic protocol as a standard feature in our software.

Do you prefer to work with PAB2.03, BMECat 2005, Insbou004 or Datanorm? You can still contact us for trouble-free exports to Dutch data pools, such as and 2BA, the Belgium, the German Arge Neue Medien or the Swiss IGH. Do you want your BIM data to interface directly with (Revit or Autodesk) Cadac or Stabiplan? We can arrange that for you. Compano has extensive experience in this area.

"Compano offers us a decisive advantage in exporting
our data to several classification formats.”
- Danny Borneman, Hilti
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