Different formats from suppliers convert to one high quality file for distribution through 2BA.



Reinier Kok


How to convert supplier files of different formats into one uniform datapool file?


Compano's PIM application can handle multiple formats (in this case, it’s own format, ETIM, BMECat). Quality reports give insight in the data and with only one mouse-click they are published on 2BA.

Recently, Compano helped electrical engineering distributor Miasin with quickly supplying product data to a datapool. Managing director Reinier Kok introduces Miasin and explains why he chose Compano.

Who is Miasin?

“Miasin is distributor of installation materials and tools for the electrical engineering industry. Miasin means – litterally – ‘together’. The people behind Miasin have a long experience in the electrical engineering industry and together we have the ambition to do it better and different. By listening carefully and by investing in partnership, efficiency, knowledge transfer and quality we want to achieve our goal: to make the work of installers easier and more innovative. To realize this we work together with wholesale businesses, suppliers and end consumers. For this purpose it is important that we make sure that all product data are available to everybody as easy as possible.”

What was the situation for which you searched for a solution?

“Miasin is a starting company and in that case nothing is more important than to have good product data to realize good sales. Different manufacturers supply different data files and you would also like to add information yourself. It was a hell of a job to convert all this data to one complete ‘mother file’ that can be published. For this purpose part of the data had to be translated from German to Dutch and from the BMECat format to ETIM.”

Why have you chosen for Compano?

“We are a company in the electrical engineering industry in which ETIM is the standard, on top of that we wanted very much to publish on an online datapool, like 2BA. In that case you have to bridge the gap between the database of 2BA and your own data, and for that you need a good PIM application. There are different solutions, but I also looked for a solution supplier that understands what it means if you are a starting business. I noticed that Compano listens to the customer, their hands-on mentality and how they help searching for solutions. That attitude gave a good click immediately and the feeling of partnership, which hooks up well with our philosophy of course.”
“What I liked about Compano as well was the flexibility in which they offer their PIM application. You don't pay a large amount at once for using the software, but you just take an attractive monthly subscription without skimping on all kinds of functionality; that is a significant distinction from competitors.”

Are you satisfied with Compano's solution? 

“I am very happy with the way in which Compano has been able to help us with quickly processing our product data. Instead of having us find everything out by ourselves they went ahead – very pragmatically – together with us to do the first import of data to have a good basis anyway. This enabled us to quickly incorporate our top brands GGK en HPX in the assortment of our partner Technische Unie and also immediately publish on 2BA.”


"What I liked about Compano was the flexibility
in which they offer their PIM application"
- Reinier Kok, Miasin
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