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Bosch Nefit has found the ideal data enrich partner

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Process and share bosch nefit product data centrally from different factories?


The Compano software gives structure to data management. Bosch Nefit has implemented the responsibilities and procedures thereafter for a optimal process of importing, improving and publishing data on several datapools.

A lot of ambitions in store


Since the end of last year Bosch Nefit already supplies to a great extent enriched data to the datapools and 2ba. And the road to full product data is in sight. Tjerk Christenhusz from Bosch Nefit explains.

"The implementing of Compano has not even taken so much time within the total project, but it had to be done. We asked ourselves three questions: how does the process of entering and enriching product data work, who is responsible for this data and how can we publish this data on various places in our systems and in external datapools?"

"To answer these questions we started working together with Compano. First of all we wanted to professionalize the data management organisation. The process to supply structured data from multiple brands, requires the right aligning and changing of procedures within Bosch Nefit. For example, in Deventer we manufacture boilers, but we also retrieve products from other offices of Bosch, for example heat pumps. They come from Sweden. We create a product with external components, but meanwhile we are the manufacturer who has to make sure the data is in order for the wholesale.

Second, the software of Compano is very efficient and more user friendly than we were used to. The software works more intuitive than the Excel files we used before".

Heart of the project

Tjerk continues: "When the collecting of data is back on track, the process of recording and enriching data should be optimized. In my eyes, that was the heart of the project. All processes should be in lign internally. When you start with a datapool, everything needs to add up".

"Our customers, especially the wholesalers, demand that technical product data is supplied, thats already absolutely imperative. Then for us the question arose: how are we going to manage this? Because this data is stored in various places in our systems. And when we are going to store this data in one place, we want this to be fully automated."

Excel files and the software from Compano

"Initially we started with Excel files, but these turned out to be inefficient and not very user friendly. With the software of Compano we discovered a far more user friendly way of collecting and sharing data to datapools."

Bosch Nefit distinguishes between units (like boilers) and parts (especially spare parts). Tjerk Christenhusz: "The data for the units has for the greater part been classified and enriched. Now we have about 9 to 10 thousand itemnumbers to go. Given the efficiency and speed with which we can do this, I expect to make real progress this spring."

Convenient data reports from Compano

"Furthermore, with the software from Compano we can create very convenient data reports. This way we can check the completeness of the data, but also check the data quality. For example, we can see that a product name problably is not displayed correctly when it only consists of three characters."

"Processes and roles need to be defined very clearly. Also there we need to improve, but we are on the right track. At the moment we are aiming at better visual working instructions for those who will be carrying out the data enrichment. The software from Compano itself contains very good manuals. But the last step from our ERP systems, can be improved internally."

More than just training

When asked how the classification with the tool from Compano went, Tjerk is very clear: "We got a very good training. We gave the trainer a hard time, because we constantly interrupted him with discussions about process details in our organisation and about the decision-making of our approaches. The room Compano provided for this and the assistance we got during the training we have experienced as very positive. They really gave us a good start."

Is Bosch Nefit satisfied?

"Yes, absolutely satisfied. We also have a good experience with the servicedesk. We get a swift answer. And we notice that Compano is fast and often thinks along with our matters."

"We have very good contact with their consultants, they are very approachable. Just a Skype meeting with the consultant and we can fix our problem immediately. We are very keen about their pragmatic and results-oriented approach: Compano is really a specialist in this business."

What will the future bring?

Tjerk is very clear about the choices that Bosch Nefit has made and will make in the future: "We made a fully informed choice to postpone the BIM part. First focus on units and items. For us a basic condition to make it successful: start with classifying and then get started with attachments." So the scope stays small and manageable and together with Compano we can improve the data for our customers.

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