Just having the right software is not enough. Our consultants would like to help you to clearly define the different areas of the project and to make choices for the implementation. Our project managers ensure smooth progress during the implementation phase. Once it is installed, it is time for a training course so that you can really get to work. Do you need a refresh training? Do you have new employees or do you want to enhance the functionalities? We can always provide training! 


Complexity translated into a clear action plan

You have decided to implement Compano Online Software. It is often a good idea to have our consultancy service help you in the beginning to ensure the successful and short-term implementation. During this brief time, we will work together with you to define specific results and a solution. We will then jointly decide what work has to be done and who is going to do it.

We will look at the different systems that you already have. Do you have systems that supply information or that must receive information? Do import and export templates need to be defined? Are there any specific data conversions required from or to a certain format?

Besides defining the work, we will also designate people who will be responsible for the process. They will be responsible for the work on the client side during the implementation phase. We will jointly define a realistic plan and decide who should participate in the introductory training after the implementation.

The consultancy phase finishes with a practical document. No fluff, only clear information to ensure that the next phases can be completed smoothly, on time and on budget.


Plans turn into reality

The software is configured based on the selected modules during this phase. The real work then begins: existing data is scanned via import files. If desired, synchronisation links will be set up between the different systems. This can be accomplished via an FTP server or web services, depending on your situation. 

Data enrichment is often necessary once the information has been loaded into the system. How much data enrichment is required depends on whether the chosen solution is a PIM system or a cost accounting solution. Users often want to classify data according to certain formats when using a PIM system.  Such formats include ETIM or EMCS. Discount groups and publication formats are often created in addition to specifications and classifications. 

Different export links will be set up if you have opted for a PIM system. You may have links for publishing to a catalogue, displaying information on a website or to connect to a source file on an ERP system.

If the Compano solution involves quotes, calculations or a comprehensive ERP system, the different documents (offer, order, invoice) must also be created. The system is now ready for use.


Increase your level of knowledge

Information regarding how the system works is often already provided during the implementation phase. Compano provides excellent training services in Arnhem and Sneek if there are other people who should be trained just before or during go-live of the software solution. We can also provide training on site.

We have different types of training courses depending on your needs. Here is a sampling of the training options available:

  • Compano Online Software training
  • Cost Accounting Software training
  • Product Information Management System training
  • Classification training

We will consult with you in advance on the required level of training. You will receive the training documentation in Dutch or English.

Refresher course

You are a user of Compano-software for some time but you have the feeling that you don't get the most out of the software? Please contact us and we will make a specific training.

If you have any questions to make adjustments in the software (e.g. export files or displays), then we can work directly with you as part of the training. Which is just as easy!!

Staff changes

Often a company is struggling with personnel changes in which the knowledge of the software is no longer present within the company. In this kind of situation, we can quickly take over certain functionality in the business process of your organization so it will not get disturbed. If a new employee is found or if the organization has found some other solution, we can provide the training for you.

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