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Find out how our customers have found the right solution.

How can VSH manage data centrally and share internationally with websites, data pools, Apps and directly in Revit (BIM)?


The fundamentals of the Compano PIM system are the so-called VSH custom user defined fields. By relating these smartly to ETIM fields, it is immediately multilingual. This data is then passed on to various public platforms.

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With Microsoft Dynamics AX as the main system, to share basic item and product data with data pools, website and catalogs nationally and internationally.

Itho Daalderop

The international PIM system is linked to the ERP system. Item changes are automatic and the PIM system allows you to easily classify items. Centrally, attachments (images, manuals, etc.) are added and shared with various publication platforms. One single source of truth!

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Supporting customers by providing perfect data and receiving orders via EDI in ERP (SAP).


Through a combination of PIM, Artikelbeheer.nl and Art-Select (EDI), customers have 100% current article data at their disposal, they are able to filter on ETIM characteristics and orders for Hilti can be entered directly from their ERP system. Compano will provide the translation of the various standards (INSBOU, ICF, IDocs).

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How to convert supplier files of different formats into one uniform datapool file?


Compano's PIM application can handle multiple formats (in this case, it’s own format, ETIM, BMECat). Quality reports give insight in the data and with only one mouse-click they are published on 2BA.

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Market leader Nathan wants to clean-up their item data and classify in conformity with ETIM.


The Compano PIM-application is used to create multiple manufacturers and products are classified using the ETIM criteria. After this the sales assortment was easily published, to Artikelbeheer.nl and 2BA.

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